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Whats the real difference between a PC and a Mac hardware wise?

We all know they are both different operating systems but which hardware do you think is better? Mac’s or PC’s? Macs seem to be more expensive but ive heard their hard ware is the best quality. A PC’s hardware might be better in quality also since its customizable and is made by different companys that focus on making things like motherboards. Also which one do you prefer?

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8 Responses to “Whats the real difference between a PC and a Mac hardware wise?”

  1. The Teller said :

    PC wins hands down. There is no competition here: Mac gets shredded in every way. Better processors on the PC. Better graphics cards on the PC. Better RAM on the PC. Better PSU on PC. Better cases on the PC. Why? Choice: you can choose between hundreds of products in each component–Apple gives you no such choice. However, Macs are great for productivity use and win in their own field of competition, especially in their brute speed despite not always having as powerful components as the PC. I’ve always thought of both as a little bit incomparable though. Their purposes are different–it’s like trying to decide if an orange or apple is better (no pun intended). There’ll always be people who favor one over the other. I’m fine with both, though I specialize in PCs.

  2. nathan94c said :

    Yes i agree with the teller pc is the best hands down.

  3. Brandon said :

    PC is better and upgradable.


  4. Anthony Urwin said :

    I have to agree with the previous two entries in this thread, but not for the reasons you would expect. For me it comes down to one thing, cost! A PC is far cheaper than a MAC, and in agreement with others in this thread, has thousands of more choices than the MAC. The support for PCs, software, replacements parts, accessibility, mobility, and most importantly compatibility is far greater than MAC or Apple products could ever hope for. I don’t want to sound sound like a “tekreacher”, but I have seen too many problems with the MAC. In their time, they had SCSI and firewire before anyone thought of the concept, but with the onset of USB 3.0, there is no way MAC can compete. Chaulk the whole MAC hype up to good marketing and be thankful you have options.

    Here is a good article to look at if you are interested:

    Good Bytes,

    Anthony Urwin

  5. Ben said :

    I wouldn’t say their hardware is the “best” quality. The same parts can be found in other laptops. It is really just Apple trying to project an image. They do lots of reliability testing on their hardware setups (the reason that it takes them so long to move to the newest generation of processors AND why OS X only installs on Apple certified hardware).

    In reality, non-apple laptops generally have newer and faster hardware, and it depends on the manufacturer whether that hardware is reliable and works together well. For instance, Core i7 was released last year, and just last week Apple finally decided to market the new Mac Book based on those processors.

    Using a Windows or Linux based setup, yes, you do get ultimate flexibility in the hardware you can use. I am a Windows/Linux guy (Comp Sci major), so I prefer to build my own rigs and select my own hardware, something that Apple does not allow me to do.

    Apple’s last-gen hardware usually costs more than a next-gen PC setup, again because of all the marketing and appearance focus.

  6. Agdf said :



  7. William said :

    Microsoft and Apple both get their hardware from the same people (besides the battery and external material). The only difference is apple sells their products for more. So basically your paying extra for the material that holds the hardware together, the integrated OS (which you could get on a pc), and battery life (note you can’t switch your battery on a mac), which all adds up to a couple hundred dollars more depending on which pc your comparing.

  8. omgitssum1 said :

    IF you can afford it, I say go for the Mac (it can run Windows if you want) any Mac will last longer than a PC, in my opinion and experience. I have switched to Mac and never switched back. Why? I use a Mac Pro and it can be customized, despite what others say. The current Mac Pros can upgrade up to 32GB of RAM memory and you have 4 hard drive bays to upgrade your disk space (max 8TB of hard drive space). You can also customize your graphics with cards that are Mac compatible (check graphic card company’s website){1}.

    If you decide to buy other Macs, like the Mac mini, iMac, MacBook, etc., know that they can still be customized either through Apple (more expensive but they do it for you and include warranty) or by yourself if you know how to. Of course, they are not as customizable as the Mac Pro, but they still can be customized.

    Running Windows on a Mac is easy as well, either with the included Bootcamp or with a separate program. In fact, tests have shown that the best computer to run Windows is a Mac {2}. Of course, it is my opinion that Macs are superior to PCs, but it is not my decision to make. Once you get used to the Mac interface, you’ll see how much user-friendly Macs are and easy to use. This is why I prefer using the Mac.


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