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When building a PC, can I mix and match from different companies?

I am building a PC on Dell’s website, but there is a huge sale on Samsung monitors at Best Buy. I know that technically, they can be attached, but am I going to be losing anything quality or performance-wise with doing it this way?

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3 Responses to “When building a PC, can I mix and match from different companies?”

  1. starpc11 said :

    no performance or quality be lost when it comes to great color on your monitor the graphic card
    is the main thing you should be concern with, i would recommend a nvidia gtx series or a ati 4000 or 5000 series in your pc build, and windows 7 64 bit check out these sites for the card prices,,

  2. Dafleeps said :

    A monitor is almost totally different from the PC itself, as long as the PC you buy has a VGA, Dvi or HDMI port just make sure it matches your motherboards or graphics card port.

  3. DOUG W said :

    None at all. I recommend not buying a Dell monitor. Dell’s monitors are very nice but very overpriced. 95/100 people won’t notice the difference between a top of the line Dell and a cheaper Acer or Hanns-G or Samsung for that matter. Like someone else said go to odds are they can beat any deal you find at a store.


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