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When i start my desktop it gives beep sound but pc dont start?

When i start my desktop it gives beep sound but pc dont start how to solve this problem?

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6 Responses to “When i start my desktop it gives beep sound but pc dont start?”

  1. richard d said :

    buy a new computer your hard drive has crashed

  2. Chris24uk said :

    You need to give a bit more information than that. Like if the power light is on, can’t get past the BIOS post. If its neither of them then either your PSU (Power Supply) has blown or your motherboard has given up. Take it to a PC repair shop. They will tell you what’s wrong and shouldn’t charge you until work has been carried out.

    Hope this helps

  3. SpoonMan79 said :

    Try entering the BIOs at startup (usually the DEL key or F1 key) then select Load startup Defaults or something named similar and see if that helps.

  4. Shaner said :

    The number of beeps is an indicator of what the problem is. Also, like others said, more information is needed. Does it boot at all? If you don’t know what your doing inside a computer the best bet is to take it the a repair shop. If it’s old, might as well get a new one because the amount of money it will cost to fix won’t be worth the value of the PC.

    The problem could be ram, cpu, cpu fan/heatsink. hard drive, power supply….

  5. s said :

    well it could use more info, but maybe try formatting it, replacing the hard drive, or even asking a repair shop what they think, it might be a 10$ fix instead of buying a 600$ computer

  6. Jenell Pilkey said :

    There is a problem in your RAM memory just open your desktop cabinet tight ram and start again your problem will be solved


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