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When I start up my PC the first time each day it makes a loud whirring noise?

It sounds like it is coming from the power supply box with the fan in the rear of the tower when I take the side off and listen close. It stops after it has finished booting and I don’t hear it again no matter how many times I restart the PC. It’s always just the first start up of the day. PC is about 3 years old.

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6 Responses to “When I start up my PC the first time each day it makes a loud whirring noise?”

  1. john m said:

    You should clean and defragment the hard drive. Click Start…Programs…Accessories…then System tools, their you will find the tabs to do the maintenance your computer needs.

  2. Coach said:

    May not be the fan. If it stops when the boot sequence finishes, it may be your hard drive making noise. This is called disk chatter. After 3yrs, it may be working on failing. Think about getting a new drive and copying it to the new one.

  3. speed_shred said:

    the fan on a computer usually does that. most fans the cool electronics do that. my guitar amplifier does it. its probably normal

  4. jimbo said:

    Its the fan in the power supply dirty take shop vac and take side cover of and suck dust dirt out and the fan inside and the back of the PC be careful make shore its turned off. And unplug the power cord then hold the power button in for a few seconds about 15 that will ground the mother board from electrical damage.

  5. Killa D said:

    It most likely is the cooling fan. They get dust in them and the grease or lube that makes them run smoothly is less effective as time goes on. Had the same problem with mine. You can search the web for PC fan problems and see what solutions come up and also if the diagnostics are the same as your problem. You can always get a replacement fan but if it only happens at start up dont worry about it. Mine would happen then and whenever I was on it for more than 30 minutes..annoying!

  6. Nelson Amaya said:

    My computer at home does that, and that’s because I have a loose drive not properly setup on the hard drive bay. it’s normal but you should check out if it’s nothing wrong with your hard drive might be the heads that are loosed and in that case your hard drive is approaching it’s death. check my blog for more computer stuff


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