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Why cant my USB Wifi stick connect to the Internet?

Hi people.

I have been trying to get an old computer to get onto the Wifi so I got my hands on this 3com wireless reciever and put in all the details. The thing can find the router and connect to it with great signal strength but then it just spends about 5 seconds trying to, “Aquire Network Address” before it disconnects and repeats the process.

Any help?

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2 Responses to “Why cant my USB Wifi stick connect to the Internet?”

  1. Druid Dude said :

    Any way you can connect it via ethernet? If that works it may be your USB stick. Otherwise, try connecting it manually. Enter in IP/gateway/DNS settings. If it can’t even connect that way then somethings way off.

  2. Arhk said :

    I don’t think the driver has been installed correctly try reinstalling it or search online for a new one. Or it could be that your USB wifi stick is trying to connect to a wireless network to which it’s not compatible with the encryption. Some devices that work with wifi networks encrypted with WEP don’t work on newer WPA or WPA2 encrypted networks for this I’d recommend looking for a newer driver or changing the network encryption.
    ~ Changing the network encryption would include some more steps (that is if it’s & encryption problem & you couldn’t find a new driver for it.).
    1. get a Ethernet cable & plug it into the router (since wireless isn’t workin out).
    *skip 2-4 unless doesn’t work
    2. open up the command prompt hold the windows logo key & R
    3.type in cmd hit enter
    4. at the command prompt type ipconfig hit enter
    5. & type the default gateway ( in a browser & go to it should get prompted to login
    7. router login info defaults can be found at
    8. I have no idea my router isn’t 3com but there should be somewhere to click to change the it’d probably be under some tab called wireless security


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