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Why does ATT block 3rd party android apps?

i am debating between the HTC Aria and the Iphone 4. the iphone i know will have alot of good apps in the app store but with the reception problems i started considering the aria. but i know that ATT blocks 3rd party apps. So why do they do this and is this a reason why i should not get the aria?

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One Response to “Why does ATT block 3rd party android apps?”

  1. Nathan said :

    Personally I think Apple makes them do it, so the Android phones have one less advantage over the iPhone… But I’d still get the Aria anyway, since on the iPhone:

    -cant take out the battery
    -no removable memory
    -only Apple-approved apps
    -STILL no true multi-tasking like Android
    -cant customize your phone AT ALL
    -no Flash support
    -no widgets
    -no free GPS navigation
    -no free wireless music downloads
    -no ringback tones
    -all file syncing MUST be done through iTunes (pictures, etc.)
    -Android phones have more memory storage
    -most Android phones have better cameras
    -no standard USB cable like all other phones
    -instant Android OTA software updates- don’t have to wait a year like iPhone
    -can’t get service in an ATT store- have to find an Apple store

    Android is miles ahead of Apple- with the new 4.0 software, Apple is only now letting people do things that Android can, like add folders to their home screen, because God forbid that anyone should be able to do that on their cell phone!! And even in 4 years, they haven’t been able to give the iPhone true multi-tasking capabilities, like Android. It took them 4 years to put a flash on the camera for crying out loud!! By the time Apple puts out a new iPhone, there’s a better Android phone out 4 months later. Bottom line: they will always be trailing Android.

    Android is already selling more phones than Apple, and it’s been out half the time that the iPhone has. By fall, the Market will have over 100,000 apps, which is more than the Apple Store had at its 2-year mark. Android’s open-source nature will always be more appealing to devs and phone manufacturers because they can market to every carrier, and dozens of phones, instead of 1 carrier and 1 phone. The possibilities are literally endless as far as Android is concerned, because ANYONE can make an app to do ANYTHING on the phone. With Apple, they have to approve every single app that goes into the Store. They even rejected an app because it said the word Android in it- how far do you really think they’re gonna go with that kind of closed-minded thinking?? I want to decide what goes on my phone, not the other way around..


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