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Why does Farmville on Facebook make my computer really slow?

During and after I go on Farmville (it doesen’t matter for how long) my computer goes really glitchy and slow. Does anyone know how to fix this or why it happens?

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7 Responses to “Why does Farmville on Facebook make my computer really slow?”

  1. John said :

    It’s using up a lot of memory, and probably not freeing up all of it’s memory after you close it. The solution is to have more memory installed in your computer.

  2. Elliott said :

    It’s because it uses up a lot of processing power and ram to run. It could also be down to your graphics.
    But I think it will most definitely be due to your ram. Try upgrading your RAM to make browser games work better.

  3. Emma said :

    It does that to mine, its so annoying, it just used a lot of memory, so its slower.

  4. Sigh said :

    You probably need more ram, but it couldn’t hurt to run a virus scan…

    I have 8 gigs of ram, and have never had this problem.

  5. LadyQ said :

    You probably need more RAM. It might actually run faster if you turn the music off, too.

  6. Steve said :

    The little eyeball looking button on the top left of the farmville page toggles the graphics quality. try playing with that.

  7. RV said :

    Its not farmville but the version of flash that is currently available. Try making the graphics not as detailed.


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