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Why does my computer slow doen when i am recording youtube videos?

When I record streeming videos my computer slows and the images slow down making the pictures in the recording slow and sometimes it skips but if I stop recording the video runs normally please help. I my memory too low or something

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4 Responses to “Why does my computer slow doen when i am recording youtube videos?”

  1. Golfnut said:

    memory or processor

  2. Detective Mitchell said:

    This could also be a sign that you are getting a Computer Virus. When all of them hackers start taking over your computer it will go slow. What I would do is upgrade my memory or delete old songs, files, videos, etc that you do not need anymore. If this does not work I would take it to the computer shop to get it checked out.

  3. oddytwin said:

    I agree with the others, but you may also be using a lot of your bandwidth which would slow the video to make downloads faster.

  4. bob_geldoff19 said:

    Video recording is RAM intensive as well as CPU intensive.


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