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Why does my computer slow down and sometimes boots me off ?

I can be on my COMPUTER and its running fine then all of a sudden it slows down, freezes or boots me off. I am hooked up to CABLE and was wondering if the people in the other apts in my building are on their laptops and using the internet cause I’m on it ( someone help me with the right terminology) will it make my computer act up ?

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3 Responses to “Why does my computer slow down and sometimes boots me off ?”

  1. Colanth said :

    No, other people using the internet can cause your internet connection to slow down but it can’t affect your computer. As far as why your computer is doing what it’s doing – I could make about half a dozen guesses, but in order to find out what’s actually happening I’d have to have your computer. If you can’t diagnose the problem yourself, take the computer to a competent repair shop.

  2. Smak said :

    There have to be two issues:

    a. Virus Infection (Use Avast free)

    b. Corrupt Registry/System errors (Use Reginout )

    I am sure it will fix for you.

  3. Carling said :

    It’s not your computer, it’s not the ISP. that’s slowing your computer down or logging you off, The problem is windows period There is a way to find out just how fast your computer is

    Go to this website and download a free alternative operating system, and make a boot able CD/DVD or a boot able Flash drive. and boot your computer up with that, go on the net, and you will see that your computer is fast, it will never slow down or boot you off,
    i would suggest you download any one of these free operating systems
    Linux Mint 10

    here are instructions on how to make a bootable CD/DVD or USB Drive

    Once you have proved that windows is your problem you will install a free alternative operating system that is always fast, never slows down, never gets viruses,


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