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Why does my computer slow down when the fan is on?

Reciently I have been having a problem with my laptop. The fan will turn on, then soon after the fan gets really loud and my computer (laptop) slows down dramatically. I have to shut the computer and wait for it to stop before I can work again. Why is it doing this and what will fix it? Thank you!

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2 Responses to “Why does my computer slow down when the fan is on?”

  1. bestonnet_00 said :

    The computer is probably overheating, the fan getting really loud is an attempt to cool the computer down while the computer slowing down is the CPU protecting itself from overheating (which would result in your CPU releasing the blue smoke) by underclocking itself. The fan becoming loud before the computer starts slowing down indicates that it probably is overheating and not just a case of the computer being worked hard enough to slow right down.

    If your computer is still under warranty I’d say you’re best bet would be to send it in for repair.

  2. Valdis K said :

    You likely have this backwards, actually…

    What happens is:

    1) Something starts using lots of CPU resources on your computer (either a virus gone wild, or a big program).
    2) You notice it getting slower because there’s less resources left for you.
    3) the computer notices it’s getting hotter, so it turns the fans on to cool the CPU.

    tTo fix this, find the offending program/virus and prevent it from running.

    The *other* possibility is that you’re actually hitting an overheating condition, and the CPU is going into slow mode to protect itself. If so, that probably means the cooling system in your laptop is broken, and you will need an experienced tech’s help to fix it. Since you say the fan is loud, that’s *probably* where to start looking – it is likely a bad bearing in the fan causing a lot of noise and preventing it from reaching the RPMs it’s supposed to, so it’s not moving enough air to cool the CPU.


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