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Why is my computer slow after I look at the dirty women online?

Do internet dirty women sites do something to your computer? Mine always runs hella slow after those moments of weakness when I just have to see ta tas.

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8 Responses to “Why is my computer slow after I look at the dirty women online?”

  1. paintballer65589 said :

    virus! or cookies!

  2. 10,000 Days said :

    that always happened to my moms old pc

  3. JIM said :

    Never seen any sites featuring unwashed women

  4. Akefia said :

    because most of these sites gives your computer viruses.

  5. The Muffin Lady! said :

    Obvious troll…?

    Pornography sites give you viruses, dumbass.

  6. Ethio said :

    Change the site that you are using to see dirty ….

  7. Desiree said :

    most of those sites r loaded with internet viruses. So as soon as u look at them, your computer is “sick”. If u want to look at adult websites then I suggest installing a security software to alert you to which sites are harmful…

  8. jimmy said :

    install this and update it then run a full scan.. good luck.


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