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Why is my computer so slow on start up?

I have a laptop, which has XP. Every time I turn on my computer, I have to at least wait 10-20 minutes before i can get on the internet.This did not happen until last month. I am thinking that Streaming music and movies on my computer has slow down my computer, Is that true? if it is how can i fix/ erase this streamed files from my computer. if there is something else that can help boost the start up please tell me about it.

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5 Responses to “Why is my computer so slow on start up?”

  1. msladykathryn said :

    make sure you have Mal ware and antispy ware installed and run them at least once a week. I have malware and super anti spy ware. Also if you have too many programs that open when you start up that also slows your computer down greatly. Just have the programs you need to start your computer. search youtube for this information Sorry I dont have it

  2. Jerry J said :

    Download and run spybot

  3. Nayomie said :

    Try these:
    Clear Prefetch Cache.
    Defrag HDD.
    Scan for Malware Infection.

  4. Jessica said :

    Whenever I run into a computer that slow start up times, it is usually because it is loaded with programs that are run automatically at start up. To find and remove the start up keys of these programs, I use a program called autoruns.exe available here: I will look mainly in the logon tab and only un-check applications that are in the start up and run keys as shown in autoruns. I would NOT un-check any application with a publisher of “Microsoft Corporation”.

    Your start up issues shouldn’t be related to your streamed files or music. Check your disk usage, if you are out of space on you hard drive, do some cleaning. Keep your computer up to date by performing your windows updates: Remove unwanted programs by clicking on “Add or Remove Programs” in the Control Panel. If you are running an anti-virus package, change the scheduled scan time to a time other than start up. All of these suggestions should assist in improving your start up times and your overall computer speed.

  5. Mickey L said :

    Manage your startups. Your excess CPU usage is due to too many programs running in the background. You can cut these to barebones by altering your msconfig. Here is how:

    1. Open your Start menu.
    2. Click Run
    3. In the command screen type “msconfig.exe”
    4. In the “system configuration utility”,click either “service” or “startup” tab
    5. Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.
    6. Click “OK”
    Hope this helps!


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