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Why is my computer still slow even though I have Norton?

I recently purchased Norton Antivirus 2009 and have done several full system scans. It finds threats and gets rid of them yet I still get pop-ups, my computer is as slow as ever and “Trojan Vundo” is constantly attacking my computer and I constantly have to remove it. Whats the point of having Norton if I have to keep removing the same virus? And why is my computer still slow? Can anyone help?

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12 Responses to “Why is my computer still slow even though I have Norton?”

  1. Heartbeat said:

    That is your problem you got norton. I can’t stand norton it messes up peoples computers. You have to pay for it. You can get avg and it is free, and safe to use. Plus it protects your computer. Be careful how you remove norton. It is really hard taking about.

  2. JOHN T said:

    Norton is good on resources but not on eliminating threats.
    Please uninstall Norton and Try Kaspersky Internet Security 2009.

    Scan in safe mode with Kaspersky.
    Presss F8 Repeatedly on windows startup and select safe mode with networking.

    This service only loads the necessary components for windows to run so viruses will be easier to get rid of.

  3. Carlos S said:

    Norton is a resource hog and it’s bloated. Norton is using all your system resources.
    I wouldn’t recommend Norton. Uninstall it using revo uninstaller which is free, to help you to get rid of norton completely. Use avast and malwarebytes to protect your computer.

  4. Livia said:

    Your computer may be slower now BECAUSE of Norton; it’s a known resource-hog, and I try not to use it. And you’re right, there’s no point in buying Norton. Since you already have it, you might as well keep it, but next year, try a free anti-virus program like AVG, Avast! or Rising. Since Norton keeps detecting Vundo and failing to remove it, you’ll want to try Symantec’s detailed removal instructions below. I would suggest making sure your anti-virus definitions are all up to date and scanning again in Safe Mode (which is described in section 3 of the link), and scanning again with another program. Trend Micro’s HouseCall ( is pretty good for when you just want to scan and don’t want to install another anti-virus program.

  5. narutokurosaki9789 said:

    To get the fastest speed, get McAfee antivirus and change your memory and processor if you need to.

  6. WhiteScorpion24 said:

    You might be getting the same Trojan back because every time Norton deletes it Windows recreates the same file over and over again. Try turning off (system restore) run a scan with Norton let it find the Trojan quarantine it if possible restart computer then enable system restore again and see if that works. If it doesn’t try these free programs they are very good and removing Trojans.

    Other reasons why a Trojan may come back is because you have vulnerabilities in your system. If you don’t keep Windows and all applications up to date this can happen.

  7. soulshine said:

    Norton is a memory hog. A tech support friend advised me to get rid of it and install AVG Free.

    Download, install, update and scan with the following free:

    AVG Free from – this is an anti-virus, ensure that you only have one anti-virus program installed on your computer

    You can have multiple anti-spyware/malware/adware programs to scan, ensure they are legitimate. I suggest the following:

    SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition from or

    Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware…
    Valid downloads of Malwarebytes only come from these sites:

    Spybot Search & Destroy from – activate TeaTimer and ensure that you immunize every time you update (Spybot S & D updates on Thursday)

    Ad-Aware 2008 Free from

    CCleaner is a good tool to run once in awhile
    Firefox is a much safer browser than IE

    If all else fails I suggest you register with the Spybot Search & Destroy Forums and post your problem in the Malware Removal Forum… they are excellent at talking people through the process of cleaning their computers.

  8. Neo said:

    thats why i hated norton. its a piece of crap because i uses a lot of the pc’s resources. even the avg is better.

  9. prince said:

    I use AVG (freeware) and its very efficient. You could try uninstalling Norton and install AVG. Also run Spybot to get rid of other malware.
    Have you run diskcleanup and defragged lately? This can help speed up the PC. Get rid of unwanted programs, run CCleaner and then chkdsk. For defrag, I’d suggest you get Diskeeper09 (download the 30 day free trial version) and set it to run on automatic mode. It defrags even under low free space.
    Make sure your PC has enough RAM

  10. John L said:

    NOD32 seems good- they run it at the IT company I work at.
    To keep your system fast, besides anti virus you should also do some maintenance:
    Clean your registry. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, uninstalls etc. so this needs to be cleaned. This will optimize and remove redundant or unwanted items.

    Defrag your hard drive. This will greatly increase the speed and reliability of your operating system (it will handle the “SLOW” portion of your question). I like Diskeeper, it is the best!

    And practice good maintenance…
    Delete any unused or unnecessary programs and files. These may be taking up space, memory and resources, thus slowing your computer. Also delete your cashe/ temp files, empty your recycle bin, clear your internet browsing history, etc.

  11. Pcfaster said:

    your pc is running slow due to the norton.
    you uninstall it, pc will be faster.

    For running slow there are many causes:
    Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer!

    Below can help you speed up your pc:

    For IE, click Tools, Internet Options delete files (offline files) clear history (set days to save to 0 if you want) click o.k., and Restart

    For Firfox, press ctrl+shift+del, and click clean private data.

    Manage your startup:
    Open your Start menu -> Click Run -> In the command screen type “msconfig.exe” -> In the “system configuration utility”, click either “service” or “startup” tab -> Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.

    1. Right click of C Disk.
    2. Click properties.
    3. Click tools tab.
    4. Click “Defragment now”.
    5. Click Defragment.

    You can search which process full use you cpu, and end the process.

    Under steps:
    1. right click on the TaskBar.
    2. click the Task Manager.
    3. click the processes tab.
    4. double click the CPU.
    5. find if the “System Idle Process” is max.
    6. if not right click and click end process.

    Learn “Why Is My Computer Running so Slow?” and “How to Speed it UP”:
    Use the tool:

  12. Rolendas said:

    malware is not the only reason for slows computer. maybe you have many programs running at the same time? this is common reason for slow pc.

    i must say that complex security suites such as norton may slow down a computer a little cos they use large amount of system resources. however, since you have the vundo trojan, things should be better after removing it. as norton doesn’t help you in this case, i recommend removing vundo manually:


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