Why is my pc not connectint to the internet?

I got my pc today, and i set it all up. It has built in wifi but when i try to set up a connection it says that there are no connections available. Why is this? Do i have to activate the internal wifi?

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4 Responses to “Why is my pc not connectint to the internet?”

  1. Ashley D said:

    do you have wifi available in your house? you have to activate the wireless on whatever modem/router setup you have.

  2. ALAN T said:

    Probably, go to control panel and enable the wireless adapter

  3. Bazza said:

    I assume you have an active wifi router close by? If so connect directly with an ethernet cable and phone the internet service provider to sort out the problem. If it is a BT HomeHub use the CD provided to set up the wireless connection.

  4. andr0x said:

    the internet is not inside your computer, all you have is something that picks up wireless internet, now you need to have wireless internet, you need a wireless router and internet that you pay for (or hope a nearby neighbor has this)


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