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WIFI LAPTOPS – Two wifi laptops running off the same wifi connection, can one see what the other is doing?

Is it possible for one laptop to see what is going on the other laptop as both are using the same secure wifi connection, if so, how exactly is this done and what can be done to stop it please? Appreciate your time looking and possibly answering this to!

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7 Responses to “WIFI LAPTOPS – Two wifi laptops running off the same wifi connection, can one see what the other is doing?”

  1. TERRENCE A said :

    if you hve not set up allow acess on both laptops in networking the answer would be no I run a pc and a laptop through my secure connection and have no crossover from either even when they are both in use at the same time

  2. ALAN R said :

    No , other software would need to be running . And the software is not limited to wifi . For example “remote pc”

  3. Ron M said :

    To see the other computers you must set up a “network”. Once the network is set up only files that are placed in the “Shared” folder (XP), or the “Public” (Vista) can be seen by the other computer.

    Without a network, you are only sharing the internet.

  4. asp2write said :

    Not typically. You would need to install software in order to monitor the labtops usage, and it’s not something most people would have access to, so I wouldn’t worry about your mom, husband, wife, but a business may.

    The other alternative is a key logger program. It records and reports usage. There are typically two types, hardware based, and software based. Hardware is dumb, and really never used, software based is cheap, easy to install, and installation can be hidden from users, BUT they show up on most spyware scans.

    So I would say, don’t worry. Do a ctl+alt+del. See the processes running, if there is something you don’t recognise, look it up on google, but chances are you’re fine.

  5. All Done Working said :

    You can not see what they are doing, but you can see what they have in shared folders if you run a network connection.

  6. Alzaman said :

    The only thing that will be visible in real time is any shared folders that may be on both laptops, e.g. Music, Pictures etc, that you usually share between the two.

    You can’t view what’s happening in real time on the other laptop, or vice versa, without having programs installed on the laptop to, essentially “spy”, on what you’re doing .. you can, use a packet sniffer such as Ethereal to get an idea of what sites are visited etc, but even i don’t have time to fully understand ethereal.

  7. RAHUL said :

    hi,in my house there are two wifi connected laptop through a single there a way i can disconnect and connect the wifi connection of the other just controlling it from my laptop?


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