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Will a Mac use any wifi signal even if the internet service is not compatible with it?

I have a Mac and a PC. I am planning to change my internet service to another, but the service I want says that it is only compatible with PC’s. The question is if I buy a router and hook it up to the modem will the Mac get the WiFi signal and be able to use it regardless of the service??


P.S. The PC is running Windows XP (SP2) and the Mac is running Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

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3 Responses to “Will a Mac use any wifi signal even if the internet service is not compatible with it?”

  1. David Horton said :

    the simple answer is that the internet does not care what your computer is! didgital information is sent in 1 and 0 so as long as you have an ip address and a compatible moddem and you send in any form data and the other end can translate in into usefull data i.e images. video . text.

    even plug into the telephone line and dial direct to someone with a moddem on another phoneline while is dial and online you would pay normal line charges.

    the service provider just does not want mac on his servers and a wireless router is the same you will of course need software written for that processor that is the problem if your service provider as not got the software written. but the manufacture or the router or moddem may have this.

  2. Sean H said :

    Yes a Mac will use any WiFi signal (generally speaking, i.e. it’ll need a wireless card).

    Your ISP probably doesn’t support Macs, likely due to lack of expertise or availability of software to diagnose your connection. Macs will still work just fine over your wireless router though.

  3. slipknot_rwtf said :

    Yeah dude that makes no sense, an ISP can’t control who uses their internet.


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