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Will my computer slow down if I instal php and apache as well as mysql?

I woul like to instal php and the apache server to practice with my programming will my computer slow down significantly/

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8 Responses to “Will my computer slow down if I instal php and apache as well as mysql?”

  1. jhonelle p said :

    it depends to the memory of your computer

  2. David D said :

    Install them? No.

    Run them? Yes, it will be slower. Any time you ask the computer to do more things at the same time, there will be a performance hit.

    Significantly? That depends on your particular circumstances.

  3. [email protected] said :

    yep, there will be a number of additional processes running, so you’ll have less resources for other tasks. depending on the available resources it may be significant. e.g. If you have a pentium, 800 Mhz, 512 MB Ram, it may bring your pc to a grinding halt. On a P4, 2.3 Ghz, 4GB ram, you probably won’t see much of a difference.

  4. phoenix_chi said :

    If your computer has good specs, generally it won’t slow down. You need Apache to run php scripts or you can use IIS, which is another long process trying to make it read php scripts. Apache+PHP+MySQL always go together.

  5. Angela Q said :

    If you’re not running a lot of scripts, you shouldn’t even notice. I have to reboot more often when I’m running my server, though.

  6. Ariel said :

    I didn’t noticed my computer slowed down when I installed apache and mysql. I used Easy Apache and ApacheLite but my pc performs well. Sometimes the cause of system slow down are incorrect and unterminated loops on your scripts.

    One sure reason for systems slow-down are those real-time anti-viruses lurking for any active application to scan. It has a bad habit of interrupting the smooth process of any programs. Real-time scanning scans every applications and files (including all the files associated with them) you click or run, it disrupts its loading and sometimes cause hang-ups. If you have anti-virus running in real-time, disable them.

    I would rather scan my pc periodically and during the time I’m not using it than have anti-virus work and delays me while I’m working on my pc.

  7. John L said :

    You should be able to download all the things you need and want. Just make sure you have enough memory- look at how much memory those programs will take up first before you intall them.

    Also, once you install a program (or create and edit files) it creates a lot for fragmentation on your hard drive- that is what will slow down your computer or cause it crash. So, defrag your hard drive. This will greatly increase the speed and reliability of your operating system. Try Diskeeper 2009, it is the best! You can download 30-day trial-ware at

    Next, clean your registry. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, uninstalls etc. so this needs to be cleaned. This will optimize and remove redundant or unwanted items.

    And, delete any unused or unnecessary programs and files. These may be taking up space, memory and resources, thus slowing your computer. Also delete your cashe/ temp files, empty your recycle bin, clear your internet browsing history, etc.

  8. CWT9881a said :

    Got a Mac? Apache is already installed. So is php. You only need to download mysql and turn them on. I have mine running all the time with no problems, and that’s on a 5 year old, 2 ghz dual G5.


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