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How do I fix my very slow computer?

Ever since I downloaded an upgrade of Norton 360 to my computer this morning, it has been sooooooo slow. I’ve deleted my temporary internet files, defragmented the computer, boosted my virtual memory, and nothing has helped. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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4 Responses to “How do I fix my very slow computer?”

  1. Tia H said:

    Did you check the minimum requirements of your PC before you downloaded? Make sure you have enough Memory, Free hard disk space, and that your processor is fast enough. Aside from that, check to see how many programs you have running on your computer on start-up. You can press ctrl+alt+delete to check how much memory you have available. If your running WinXP, it’s on the Performance Tab. If that’s too deep for you, you can always go to Start, Run, and type msconfig When the dialog box comes up, click the startup tab, there you have a list of every item that starts up with the computer, every item that is checked is consuming a portion of your memory. You can go through that list and uncheck items that you feel unnecessary, when you reboot, you should have more free memory. Hope this helps.

  2. CRAIG J said:

    remove norton and any other programs you do not use in add/remove programs(control panel). then download a free version of adaware se, then with it run a full system check and get rid of any bad or corrupt files, i recommend running it once a day! type in adaware se and download, this will help, you also might consider adding more ram! good luck!!

  3. blueforyoucouk said:

    Do youself a favour and remove Norton. Use AVG Free edition for virus protection, and Adaware or Spybot for malware. No cost, and they use little resources.

  4. Best-CCCC said:

    According to your description,there are some regsitry errors in your PC to cause “Computer slow”.You need to clean you PC.
    Every time you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the registry.You need to scan and clean your PC with registry cleaner to make your pc faste.Good Regisry Cleaner will improve your PC and Internet performance dramatically.It even can speed up your PC by 300% or more!
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