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I uninstalled limewire, does that still mean i can get viruses and it can still make my computer slow?

I just went to the start menu and clicked on uninstall limewire, does that still mean i can get a virus or limewire can still make my computer slow?

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8 Responses to “I uninstalled limewire, does that still mean i can get viruses and it can still make my computer slow?”

  1. Blue L said:

    if its unistalled and all the files are deleting i dont think so

  2. Broman-99 said:

    if it is not to much of a trouble i would just back up your personale data (music pics software) and retore your computer……. if you want to make a double check to see if lime wire is toally off just go into my computer and then program files and delete any thing in there that has the title lime wire

  3. V said:

    Limewire CAN still affect your system. Limewire also installs certain other programs along with the basic Limewire software.

    To be sure, you may want to download and use either AVG Free or SpyBot Search and Destroy.
    Both are free and great programs. I’ve used them in the past and would use them again if I needed to fix anything.

    AVG Free is GREAT for preventing things from affecting your computer, while SpyBot S&D is GREAT for getting rid of things already affecting your computer.

    AVG FREE >>>
    SpyBot S&D >>>

    You can read about Spybot Search and Destroy and AVG Free on Wikipedia:

    Personally, in this case I would use SpyBot as it would be the better suited program.

    I hope this helps! Enjoy. 🙂

  4. collin J said:

    you don’t get viruses by having lime wire on your computer if your not sharing lime wire is a file share program and you can get viruses by downloading content with viruses in the file

  5. JRock said:

    limewire = bad. hope u have antivirus software..if removed successfully limewire should have no more effect on your speed or preformance. but any viruses it has left behind will….take it to ur local staples virus scan is free right now 🙂

  6. Jacob said:


  7. july girl said:

    Learn how to clean up your computer and speed it up here:
    <--- Good luck!

  8. jibbarjabar said:

    Limewire itself does not cause viruses. It is a lot of the (mostly illegal) crap that one can download using Limewire that can be infected with virus.

    If any of these downloaded files were infected, removing the Limewire program would have no affect.

    Removing Limewire will stop other people from having access to files on your computer, so it may help speed up your computer’s internet access.


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