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What settings should I use for “Spore” on a slow computer?

I am playing Spore on a computer that is decent, but just barely meets the games requirements. Because of this, I kept the default “low” setting for shadow, depth of field, texture detail, etc. I wanted to know if there were any of those categories specifically that I could set to medium, or even high, that would make the overall graphics appear better than the others would. Any combination of highs, mediums and lows that would get me the best graphics for the lowest amount of lagging possible would be very appretiated.

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3 Responses to “What settings should I use for “Spore” on a slow computer?”

  1. the joker said:

    ur mom

  2. slipknotpsycho5891 said:

    Set everything to the lowest.. it’s not like it’s that hard to figure out. If you want graphics in games, buy/build a better rig. Rigs that have minimum requirements for games simply means that.. You have to have atleast that for the game to run.. which means you’re one step above not even being able to run it, therefore.. you have to sacrafice graphics.

  3. JeffreyK said:

    I have the same problem with Spore. Shut down as many background processes as you can,and keep your settings low . I also close out the game when it starts to run really slow and then restart it . The cache files will clear, and it will run better on restart .Go,Fight,Win!!


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