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How can I chop and screw my music ?

The term chopping and screwing of music originated from the late Houston, Texas DJ Screw. Artist like Paul Wall, Slim Thug, and Three Six Mafia along with other artists use this method in their music. Although DJ Screw passed away, he still lives through the form of his music that other artists still use today. Whether you are using a digital audio program like Cakewalk Sonar, MOTU or Cubase, or even with just a regular turntable, you can chop and screw your songs. All you need is a recording program and a computer, and you can start chopping and screwing songs.

If you are using Cubase in your song chopping and screwing, the first thing is to give your song indistinct sound and you can do it by screwing the vocals or slowing it down. You can just focus on the vocal section that you want to slow down if you don’t want to do it in the whole song. The ideal ranges of vocal pitch used in screwing songs are -1 to -3. Of course, depending on your desire, you can adjust the pitch to any range you like.

There are many ways to chop a song or vocal, and there are two methods to choose from that definitely works. The first involves playing two song at the same time and using cross fade option to switch the back and forth. The method is normally seen in DJs with their turntable.

The next process is much easier than the first one. You can set up two vocals or song tracks and play it with the other one a little ahead of the other. Then, cut slices as you listen to the track played ahead to create a scratchy mix. You can do this method on a certain section of a song or vocals or you can add the scratch on an entire song.

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