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How can I increase my car stereo audio quality ?

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your car audio, you can definitely boost its performance. It is always better to travel hearing your favorite song as clear as it can be. Having a high quality audio system gives most car owners something to brag about. You may want to consider some of these tips if you want to improve you car’s audio sound quality.

Avoid ground loops. In electronics and electrical engineering, ground loops means unexpected current that connects two points with the same potential. Remember to take caution in laying currents; actually, the only location your audio ground should be attached to is at the source.

One more thing you should avoid in boosting your car’s audio is connecting side-by-side signal wires with power cables. If your audio cables are located close to the radiated electromagnetic field of the power cable, you will hear creeping sounds in your car audio. If you want defense from all sorts of interferences, use a shielded audio cable. Concision also shields the power ground wires of amplifier to avoid discrepancy or erratic amplifier operation.

You do not have to wire all of the ground wires of your amplifier in a single bolt. This process is necessary, especially if the assembly of the rest of the system is correct. Remember that more than one attachment of power ground wires to one bolt attracts danger and may cause modulation in your amplifier ground.

Remember to keep track on level setting, this way you can get the maximum system signal towards noise ratio. Start by setting your amplifiers in the lowest level and turn the source unit’s volume at four fifths of its maximum. Then, set your amplifiers’ input sensitivity up until you get the loudness you desire. Remember to read the manual of the amplifiers you are using to gain full advantage of their capabilitie

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