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How can I recycle batteries ?

In the United States alone, people throw away about three billion used batteries annually. The number of trashed AA batteries can circle the globe seven times if connected from end-to-end. Used batteries are not just regular garbage that occupies landfills, they also pollute streams, lakes and the leaking lead and acid pollutes the ground as well. If you want to recycle used batteries, you can follow these simple steps. Besides, it would be worth the effort if you were saving the environment and some money.

The first thing you can consider is using rechargeable batteries instead of single use batteries. With its recharging capabilities, a single rechargeable battery can replace fifty to three hundred single-use batteries. Remember that even a rechargeable battery has its lifespan and needed to be disposed; just make sure to find a place to recycle these type of battery. There are stores that have call2recycle services that send out boxes for dead batteries. Try to imagine if everyone recycles and use rechargeable batteries, it could be a big impact with three hundred and fifty million rechargeable batteries sold each year in America.

Next, make sure to recycle only the cordless devices’ batteries. Items such as cell phones, laptops, cordless phones, digital camcorders and cameras, power tools and cordless toothbrush are examples of devices that use recyclable batteries.

In recycling the battery of your car, you can remind your dealer or mechanic if you just have it replaced to recycle your old battery. Each year, recycled plastic and lead, which is the main component of a battery, are processed and make up to ninety-nine million new car batteries.

If are going to purchase a battery, you can either get the rechargeable one or get a nickel-cadmium battery. Nickel-cadmium batteries are specifically designed to be recycled. You will see the recycle symbol on each of these kinds of batteries.

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