How can I remember passwords ?

Any person, whether actively using a computer or not, has to deal with passwords for their day-to-day lives. From ATM machines to point-of-sale cards, from e-mails to accessing your mobile phones, passwords are used in providing additional security to your personal information, money, documents or any other important materials you have. The problem with keeping passwords is that with all the devices you assign passwords to, remembering which belongs to what device can be an overwhelming task. However, there are ways to remember passwords; the two most common methods being mnemonic devices and personal significance.

1) Mnemonic device – For passwords that are given to you, which is usually composed of random letters and numbers, you need to make up an easily remembered phrase to associate it with the password. So if you are given a password “MDN43B”, you could think “My Dog Needs 43 Bones” or anything you deem memorable.

2) Personal references – Another popular method people use in remembering passwords by using personal references. Unlike mnemonic devices where you have no option of choosing passwords, you can use personalized passwords to ensure you would not forget them. For instance, your childhood pet who died, favorite book, childhood nickname combined with your birthday, phone number, stress address, baby’s geographical location, and other letters or numbers with personal significance makes it easier to remember several passwords.

However, some experts argue that using personal reference as passwords can be dangerous because of identity theft. Since hackers or other fraudulent persons typically research their victim’s lives before committing a crime, it may not be a good idea to use the name of your immediate family members like your mom, spouse, baby, etc. as passwords.

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