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How can I transfer all my stuff on my pc to my new pc for free?

I have windows vista, and the new pc has windows 7. I thought there was an option built into the computer for sharing and tranferring files to other computers. Also, if I have a virus on my old pc, will it transfer to my new one when I am transferring files?

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8 Responses to “How can I transfer all my stuff on my pc to my new pc for free?”

  1. iixxOreosxxii said :

    Try using a flash drive. But be careful not to get any infected files in the flash drive and into your new PC.

  2. Yeech said :

    Take out the hard drive of the old PC and attach to new PC and set it as a slave. Transfer your files to the new HD. Viruses tend to be in the operation system, so there is a good chance you will not transfer the virus …assuming they are just data files being transferred.

  3. Martin said :

    Yes you should be able, not sure how.
    And yes if you transfer an infected file, then it might transfer the virus.

  4. William Kow said :

    Windows Easy File Transfer
    can helps you to migrate XP & Vista settings & files to Windows 7

  5. Jack M said :

    have a virus on my old pc> Depends on what the virus is. More than likely not. Are both computer on the network with a router? Then just goto the folder you want on the old computer, right click it and click share.

    On the new computer. Click Start — Network. Click on the icon for the old computer and copy the files.

  6. John said :

    If you transfer the file containing the virus then you will infect the new computer so I would download free virus protection like avg and scan your old computer before you transfer anything. As for the actual transfer if you don’t know how to set up sharring you could just put the files on a usb flash drive or an ipod or something then move them to the new computer.

  7. Aaron said :

    Portable hard drive?
    Install antivirus on the Windows7 PC first.
    You can download Windows Security Essentials for FREE from the microsoft website.

  8. Matt W said :

    Vista and Windows 7 should both have ‘Windows Easy Transfer’ built in.

    You can download it here:

    Windows Easy Transfer – Microsoft Guide:
    Here is a XP-Win 7 guide, the steps are the same for Vista-Win 7:

    As for the virus, it’s possible although unlikely. I’ve believe the transfer can fail if it finds infected or corrupted files. Perform a full virus/spyware check on your Vista machine and you should be OK.

    But personally, I wouldn’t bother with Windows Easy Transfer!

    I always prefer a fresh/clean installation, so I just stick the contents of My Documents on to an external USB drive and transfer it over. This way you can be 100% sure that your new computer won’t inherit any problems from the old system.

    Enjoy your new PC.


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