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How do you format a panasonic dvd to play on other players?

Ok I’m trying to record old home videos to dvd. I’m using a Panasonic DMR-ES30V which can record vhs to dvd. The manuel is lost, and Operating Instuctions from the website will not pull up on this computer.

Anyway, I recorded the video on the dvd, but the process is not finalized. What do I do to complete the formating process. I would like to be able to view the video from other dvd players.

If you know tell me what you did or you can get it off the website. First person who tells me the right answer gets the points.

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One Response to “How do you format a panasonic dvd to play on other players?”

  1. tvreaper2006 said :

    If it didn’t ask you if you wanted to finalize when it finished recording then go back into the menu and there will be an option to do so.


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