How is close up photography done ?

Sometimes, you just want to get closer in photographing an object but you already maxed out the capabilities of your lens. All camera lenses have their focusing distance and if you max them out your subject will be out of focus. Macro photography or commonly known as close-up photography have specifically designed lenses. This kind of lenses will allow your shoot to get closer to the object without distorting your focus.

In taking close-up pictures, you should always consider using manual focus and the field’s depth. You can also purchase adapters for your camera lens to have closer focusing. Here, will give you hints and techniques to achieve close-up pictures without the hustle of buying any macro lenses at all. However, if you really want to focus on making your macro photography talents excel, you should invest on macro lens of different adapters for close-up photography.

Here are the things that you need to make a closer shot every time you want click your camera’s shutter. Of course, first is your camera, then a close up adapter and a tripod, also check the size of your object and the depth of field. Let us say you can get the normal image size of a small object with a 55mm lens taken about four feet. Take a shot of anything with this procedure for your comparison on the adjustment that you will make on your next shots.

Now, take a shot of the same object with your close up adapter attached to your lens. Even with 1x adapter, you will see great difference on your first shot. Again, consider the field’s depth for it may be reduced but you will see a big difference on the fine details that your regular camera cannot capture even on its maximum focus distance. You can purchase adapters up to 4x, the larger the number the greater your focusing will be. After taking your shot with an adapter, compare it to the first shot you made and you will see details that your ordinary camera cannot. You can crop your images if you want to add effects on your image. Remember that proper cropping can make your image a great photograph.

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