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How much would it cost to have my PC restored to a healthy state by a technician?

I do not know anything about computers and it is now starting to have some problems. I don’t want to loose all the data on my PC. I also don’t have any idea who can do this and how much it will cost me. So if you have an idea how much it would cost to have my PC restored to a healthy state please reply to this question. Thanks.

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4 Responses to “How much would it cost to have my PC restored to a healthy state by a technician?”

  1. wiztek said:

    It depends on what it needs to restore it. You could take it to a computer shop and ask for an estimate.

  2. BillM said:

    where i live there is a place that can fix the whole thing for around 100 bucks. some other places will charge by the hour. 25 to 35 per. shop around.

  3. Turd LePointe said:

    Your Power Supply Unit might be on its last legs. You might have viruses. Your CPU might have started overheating and you might just need to buy a can of air and spray all the crap out of your case.

    Obviously, this is really dependent on a lot of things. Software issues can be easy but time consuming to fix. Hardware problems will have higher upfront costs but may actually take less time to fix and will thus have a lower labor cost.

    What sort of problems are you experiencing?

  4. MArk Albert E said:

    Its really hard to say because you forgot to mention what problems you are experiencing. What I mean is if the problem is software related, hardware related or maybe user related and if your computer is a laptop or a desktop. My advice so you can save money is if you have a friend or coworker who knows more than you in computers, have him take a look at it. if that doesnt work then just use the web to look for solutions regarding the specific problems you are encountering. if this doesnt work or you dont really have time, then ask a professional to just look at you computer.

    Hope this helps. Cheers.


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