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How much would you charge a small business to reinstall windows XP pro on a new PC?

Just wondering how much you would charge for reinstalling Windows XP Pro and all the drivers, freeware spyware tools, antivirus, firewall and all the updates onto an existing workstation PC for a small business? The machine would also need reconnecting to the domain as well. TIA. M.

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10 Responses to “How much would you charge a small business to reinstall windows XP pro on a new PC?”

  1. Marvin said :

    That’s a £75 job in the UK. That’s what I would charge anyway.

  2. Ben said :

    My best mate is a Computer technician and he charges 50 quid an hour. so probably about 50 quid! Its not really a big job to re-install xp and reconnect to the domain but he would stretch it out a bit 😛

  3. Shaved said :

    If your PC already has a valid product key, then not much to put the Original OS version back on.

    haven’t you got a restore disc, as all that is quite Straight forward to do, and it will save you some cash.

  4. Belgariad said :

    If your talking about the installation of the software for each computer you would want to make it competitive with computer sales men who can have there PC techs install the software for them.

  5. MaskedMusketeer said :

    You’d just charge by the hour — if it takes you one hour to do it, say, $75?

    All of the things you listed can be done almost by anyone (without training).

  6. bamboozeld said :

    depending on Business size 1 man band £75
    more if thought i could get away with it +vat if applicable

  7. halsca said :

    I live in Los Angeles county. Most computer places around here will charge you between 95 and 130 dollars to wipe and reinstall an operating system. Beyond that they usually charge 95 dollars per hour to setup specialized configurations.

  8. switchbladecross said :

    Well, usually the prices differ depending if you were to bring the machine into the repair shop, or if you needed the work done on-site. On-site work is usually charged by the hour.

    Here are some examples.

    A previous employer of mine would charge $125 for the first hour of on-site service, and $75 for each additional hour.

    Geek Squad is $149 per hour.

  9. Max M said :

    For one system? $150 or less would be ideal since Best Buy charges the same price.

  10. pcguy said :

    I Would Charge About 125.00$


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