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How to know how high can a ram support to a pc?

I have 2 pc with Pentium 3 and Celeron processor. Dont know what model it was and it came with 2 ram slots but just have 1 pcs 128mb sd ram. Just want to know how high can I upgrade the ram. Can I go for 512mb? For another question, For example, if it can support 512mb. Is that means I just have to put 1 pcs of 512mb ram or 2 pcs 512mb ram?

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2 Responses to “How to know how high can a ram support to a pc?”

  1. geek-in-training said :

    You can have your computers scanned here and find out exactly what you can upgrade to.

  2. L F said :

    You should check the manual of your pc manufacturer. You can also go to their website. Celeron computers have less power so you are limited to the upgrade than new computers with faster processors. A good source is
    They sell memory.


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