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My PC restarts frequently when browsing files, internet etc due to a virus. How can I remove the virus?

The virus does not allow hidden files viewing . Folder options could not be changed. PC gets hanged or restarts. It happens when accessing files, internet explorer etc. I tried different anti virus softwares but could not suceed.

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4 Responses to “My PC restarts frequently when browsing files, internet etc due to a virus. How can I remove the virus?”

  1. Angel C said :

    download avast home edition and install it and at the end of the installation it should say something like if u wanna restart the pc and do an anti-virus check …..if that don’t do the job download spyware doctor with anti viruss and if you do get it you have to register it to remove viruses from your pc so ill give you a register key so you can keep it for free this is the register key

    User Name: Matz olsson
    Registry Code: 0JTZXG-FA0RN3-V9KXG9-1JAXKW-C8 U31B-6DGGCK

  2. David said :

    OK make sure you have an antivirus program installed, if not i recomend AVG free home adition, just google it. If you have an antivirus program run a check and every other operation it’ll do, just mess with it for half an hour until you’ve exhausted all its options. Secondly get a firewall other than your regular Windows firewall ad if your computer is crashing unless you’re positive it’s the virus you might wanna try a better cooling system or just taking the sides of the case off.

  3. Alan1205 said :

    OK, sounds like you have something that is preventing normal programs from operating. It will probably also prevent you from installing or running an effective antivirus program. If you cannot install a program you will have to remove the hard disk and scan it on another computer that has an up-to-date antivirus program.

    For reviews, comparisons and download links for the latest software from the major antivirus companies have a look at There are free trials available for all of them, so you can install one and clear up the problem you have now before you have to buy a licence. The free trials run for 15, 30 or 60 days depending which one. Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 or ESET Smart Security are among the best – both of these will give you a 30-day trial before you have to buy a licence.

    So, if you have to scan your hard disk on another computer first install a good antivirus or internet security program on the computer, download the latest definition updates and do a full system scan to make sure that the computer is clean. Next, connect your hard disk to the computer (the best way is a USB adapter available from any good computer store) and do a full scan of that disk. The antivirus should find and clear up any problems.

    Then you can put your computer back together, everything should work and you should install an antivirus program to protect you in future.

    Don’t forget to install the latest Microsoft security patches. Either set your WIndows updates to automatic or go to

  4. tjcsonofallnations said :

    Try to scan with Malwarebytes. Also the Internet Safety Database has several articles that will probably help you out.


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