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My PC startup takes over 4 minutes and the applications are slower to response. How to fix them?

Recently I noticed that my PC takes over 4 minutes to boot and the applications are slower to response when I launched them, sometimes they stop there. I haven’t these problems before, could somebody here tell me how to fix these problems?

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5 Responses to “My PC startup takes over 4 minutes and the applications are slower to response. How to fix them?”

  1. soothsayer said :

    Simply type “msconfig” in run bar; in start up tab, uncheck all but the necessary programs like anti virus. Also run defrag from run bar.

  2. Mike C said :

    Depends. Do you have a lot of programs on your computer? Have you done a lot of saving and re arranging files? Was it running fine for awhile, and then it progressively got slower?

    You could do an anti-virus/spyware scan. Once that is done, and if the computer is still running slow then you need to do a disk defragmentation, and a disk cleanup.

  3. Fairbanks Christopher said :

    When you Google, you may find many solutions to your problems. Some are useful, but some are not.

    You know too many startup programs will make the system startup slower as the system will need more time to load these programs. Well, there are other causes that will slow your system startup, for example: viruses, worms, Trojan and spyware, you can use your anti-virus to check. If no viruses found, then the main reason is too many startup programs, now what you need to do is remove unwanted startup programs to boost up system boot speed.

    Now let’s turn to the next problem: Applications are slower to response
    I had this problem before. (My old PC configuration– CPU: 2.0GHz, RAM: 512 MB, XP SP2) When I launched my Photoshop to edit some pictures, I need to wait 5 minutes, sometimes even longer if my IE and music player are running at the same time. I was confused at that time, the problem was fixed until I upgraded my RAM to 1.0 GB. If you can afford a higher RAM, please upgrade it; if not, what you need to do is free up virtual memory to prevent slowdowns and fix this problem.

    There are other reasons that will cause the problems you mentioned. Please continue reading.
    #1: Your Windows Registry is full of invalid and obsolete registry entries. Regularly clean these entries will help speed up your computer.
    #2: You haven’t empty the Recycle Bin, tons of junk files and duplicate files, too many unneeded files stored on your desktop. Removing system clutter not only helps reclaim disk space, but also increase system performance.
    #3: Too many applications installed on your system drive. I don’t recommend PC users install the application on the disk where the system was installed. If you have this case, please use some Uninstall Tool to completely uninstall these applications and then reinstall on other disk.
    #4: You haven’t defragment disk and registry. Defragment disk and registry will make PC faster and more stable.
    #5: Too many un-optimized system settings. These un-optimized system settings will also slow PC down.
    #6: Your system is outdated. You know an outdated system will be at risk of vulnerability. Upgrading system will help fix vulnerability and speed up your PC.

    Please check these carefully to find out the best solutions to your problems.

    For the PC newbie, I would recommend that you use some PC optimizer to fix your PC problems and speed up PC. You can check the link below to find the Best and Perfect Optimizer.

  4. Unca said :

    A couple of things —

    First, search for and download a free registry cleaner.

    Second, do a disk defrag. Windows comes with a defragger, plus there are third party packages.

    Finally, how many icons are on your desktop? Believe it or not, if you have a lot of them, that will slow your machine down. It’s like breathing, every time you take a breath in, your nostrils open a little. Well, every time you do almost anything on your PC, it has to go refresh every damn one of those stupid little pictures, which involves reading the programs they point to, which involves disk access.

    If you actually use most of them, create a folder and put most of them in there.

  5. crazartist said :

    use ccleaner to fix the registry errors and disable unnecessary startup programs. if that doesn’t work restore or install a fresh copy of windows


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