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What are the uses of infrasound ?

A sound with a frequency too low to be heard by humans is called infrasound. About 17 to 16 hertz of range is the human’s limit of hearing and infrasound can be as low as 0.001 hertz. A 1 hertz sound wave has a period of one second. Normally, the range for a man to hear a sound is about 20-20,000 hertz, with women able to hear a little higher frequency, which decrease as they age.

There are many animals that use infrasound to communicate like whales, rhinoceros, elephants, okapi, giraffe and alligators. Infrasound is referred to as a slow, periodic rumbling, usually generated by massive processes like volcanoes, avalanches, oceans waves, tornadoes, meteors and earthquakes. It can also be produces by large nuclear or chemical explosions. Infrasound is continuously being monitored all over the world by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization because it is one of the signs of nuclear testing.

Infrasound has the capability to give human the feeling of awe and unease. It is proven that ambient ultrasound or extremely high-frequency sound to be detected by humans may be the reason for some ghost reports. It can even cause human hallucinations wherein they see abstract grey figures. Research shown that two out of ten people experience such feeling when exposed to ultrasound in a lab setting. However, if infrasound is set to a right frequency, it can make organs to vibrate, which causes pain. This is the reason why infrasound is a target of weapon research.

At the right frequency, infrasound can even wreak havoc on fragile objects like household trinkets and glass windows. In addition, if infrasound has enough energy, it is also capable of collapsing walls. An asteroid for instance, if it hits the ocean or earth, a massive frequency of infrasound is released at the speed of sound, which can destroy everything in its path.

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