What is a game boy ?

The Game Boy is portable video game console that is known as the longest running video game system of all time. Created by Nintendo Japan, released in America in 1991 and comes with the game Tetris that became a best seller. The Game Boy evolved through year in both design and technology but still the best selling portable video game.

The first Game Boy has an 8-bit 4.19 MHz CPU with a resolution of 160×144 with a 4-color screen. When the system established a success, Nintendo revamped the Game Boy, and the 10-year span from releasing the first Game Boy brought the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Pocket. In the year 2001, Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance.

During this ten-year run, the Game Boy remained the best selling handheld game system. Game Boy Advance got come criticism regarding the back light and Nintendo answered this with the release of the Game Boy Advance SP in the year 2003. Again, the Game Boy Advance SP was redesigned and in 2005, Game Boy micro was released.

Even with the Game Boy’s evolution, Nintendo still addresses customer with new systems that still support old games. Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Red, and Super Mario Land are the best selling games with sales of 11 million and 14 million respectively. Nintendo also releases the Nintendo DS, a new handheld game that still supports old Nintendo games.

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