What is a large format scanner ?

Also known as wide format scanner, a large format scanner is a roll-fed or sheet-fed scanner larger than A3. Most forms of large format scanners are light-based, but other units are designed with cooler formats. Generally, large format scanner can cover 34×36 inches. These types of scanners usually have wheels and could stand on their own, making them easily movable. Because of its size and design, a large format scanner is usually expensive; but has become more affordable due to the availability of easier printing formats.

The use of a large format scanner is important in nations that are preserving historical documents and relics by scanning them and converting them to digital copies. Similarly, this device is used by companies in preserving large documents, which cannot be copied by a normal-sized scanner. Individuals and organizations use a large format scanner in preserving photographic images, parchments, old newspapers and other materials, which are prone to damage by fire, earthquakes, insects and other natural or unnatural dangers.

Other specially-designed large format scanners can copy documents of up to 40 inches wide and half an inch thick. As such, these types of scanners can copy even posters. However, since a large format scanner can copy materials at a greater width compared to the average scanner, it usually requires more power. But since it is the most effective device in archiving important historical artifacts and documents, it serves a very useful purpose for any user.

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