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What pc protection software uses the least resources ?

I’ve owned McAfee and Norton in the past, I’m currently running Virgin media PC Guard. I find they all slow my (old and already slow) laptop down. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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15 Responses to “What pc protection software uses the least resources ?”

  1. Farrell A said :

    i am using McAfee total protection and it’s working very fine…

  2. computeranswers said :

    I use AVG and have no problems….

  3. howfuzzywuzee said :

    Dunno, but I still like my McAfee….its user friendly…

  4. Justin F said :

    Here is a list of the best FREE security software available today. It uses far less resources and I see a lot less infections than those running Norton or Mcafee

  5. Slava1436 said :

    I use Eset’s Nod32 and am a big fan for its speed, reliability, and overall quality.

  6. Jj W said :

    well mcafee and norton suck.. i have spyware terminator and it works really good plus anything tyhat will protect your computer is good because id rather have a slow cpu then no cpu…

  7. Richie said :

    The one and only..
    this wont let you down, i have been using it for years now.i highly recommend it

  8. Law B said :

    all virus scanners/protection slow you down. However, I found something that will take care of your system, your entire system, including spyware, registry, disk, resources and all that helped me tremendously. I have the pro version of Advanced Systems Care and I am leaving you the link on how to get it and you will also find a FREE and LEGAL registration for the Pro Version for 180 days. Just try that out, please.

    You will need a firewall though since I don’t think the Windows firewall is sufficient. I have chosen the Zone Alarm firewall. You can get that by googling “Zone Alarm Free Firewall”.

    Also, I have the AVG antivirus. You can also get that for free. It does not use up a lot of resources.

    I hope so much that this may help you.

  9. The Metal God"6" said :

    ok it is based on ur pc features,if u have a ram more than 1GB i advise u with “kaspersky Internet-Security 2009”.
    or if ur ram less than 1GB i think AVG would be better.

    viel glück………good luck

  10. robert h said :

    I don’t believe that these protection packages have anything to do with how slow your computer is running other than when they are running unless you have a really fast computer they all will slow things down a bit. My friend I believe its your computer or what you have on it.

  11. alvin f said :
  12. Sinclair S said :

    I had the same problems with all my pcs lagging because of those programs and noticed an advanced improvement in performance wheninstalledled, (which i payed for!) and downloaded and installed the free versions, AVG aZone alarmsrms which i have experienced using both, which were much better at not using up all PC recources .
    .It was until I iunobtrusived payed for) nod 32 by esset..Its very powerful light, unobstrusive and very secure..

    This is an excellent article with polls, user reviews and everything you need to help fully answer your question..

  13. XLR8 said :

    use avg it takes less memory on your hard disk and it pretty good, u can get the free version at

  14. Catrice Hogston said :

    2. Good post over again. I am looking forward for more updates.

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