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Where can I download a free dvd converter for my itunes?

I want to watch my dvd collection on my new ipod but I’ve been told you need a dvd converter. Where can I get a free download dvd converter. Everytime I look on the net it says free to try but i’ll have to pay later.

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2 Responses to “Where can I download a free dvd converter for my itunes?”

  1. Lucksun said :

    This free trial vision could convert the whole film, only have a small watermark in the left conner:
    It is a better tool for this conversion. Besides the fast conversion speed and perfect quality, with this tool the most attractive advantage is that it supports batch conversion, also convert files you selected to only one. You can import DVD videos both by clicking “Load DVD” and “Load IFO”. IFO file is the file with control information to the VOB file. Check the box for the titles you need to join together as one file, and then check the box for “Merge into one file”.

  2. Netcorsonshse said :

    Handbrake is free


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