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Why does my pc not recognise my external DVD writer anymore?

It used to work perfectly. I have tried reinstalling with supplied disc, still no joy. Have checked all cables and connections. Green light flashes and disc spins in ext Dr but no connection to pc. Any suggestions.

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4 Responses to “Why does my pc not recognise my external DVD writer anymore?”

  1. Daniel D said:

    Is the drive faulty have you tested it on another PC? If not do so.

    If not then there may be a problem with the USB (if connected via a USB)

  2. goshme142 said:

    Add hardware manually under control panel..should work

  3. brianthesnail123 said:

    hi mate
    this is a common question on yahoo answers and the answer is “hardware failure”
    i had a freecom 80gb ide external hard drive which decided not to work one morning and i tried everything,removing it from “device manager”,then restarting windows,the device did appear and began to install only to issue the message” there was a problem during installation”
    i tried it on another pc,the same thing happened,i then even replaced the ide drive and this is were i discovered the problem,when i used a new 80gb ide drive and booted the p.c up,the same message appeared,which indicates to me its the pcb(printed circuit board) in the drive enclosure,i know this as i have used the 80gb ide drive with a ide to usb adapter and the drive installed without any problems
    so a solution?……..well the main issue here is saving your data,well depending on the type of hard drive used you need to purchase a new external hard drive encolure
    these are relatively inexpensive for example the Akasa P2 3.5” USB IDE External Enclosure is only £17.61 inc. VAT from,and takes any 3.5″ ide hard drive,alternatively you can get a ICY BOX IB-351STU-B Black HD 3.5″ SATA Enclosure( the drive is a sata drive
    it takes around 5 minutes to construct the enclosure and then you simply plug in the power supply that comes with the enclosure and then plug in the usb2.0 plug
    however you can also piggy back the drive with your current pc,s system drive,so were your pc houses only one hard drive you simply fit the drive underneath your current drive
    then if its a ide drive set it to slave(jumper setting) and if its a sata drive simply plug in the next avalible sata port(sata uses channels and will auto configure itself)
    finally another quick method of retreaving your data from the external drive is to buy a High Speed USB2 to IDE adapter ( for a ide drive or a 3.5″ & 2.5″ Darkstar SATA Docking Station with Card Reader ( for any sata drives
    any problems let me know
    good luck mate !

  4. emma_lu said:

    try buying a new dvd writer


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