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Why does my pc prompt me to install the driver for a multimedia contoller?

I use an Altec Lansing Series 100 speakers and I’ve used it on the same pc for years now. I recently reformatted that pc and when I turned on the pc it prompted me to install the multimedia controller driver. (Note: I recently had my video card replaced). Now, I assumed that the speaker problem and the multimedia control driver are somehow connected. The thing is my speakers did not come with a driver or any kind of CD-ROM. I still have the box and manual but the pack definitely did not include a driver. When I first used those speakers a few years ago, I remember that I didn’t use a driver for it to work (if my memory is correct), and it worked well until now. So why is my pc prompting for a multimedia controller now?
if the problem is the soundcard, any ideas how i can correct this? how do i find a driver for the soundcard? how do i know how to search for the correct driver for the soundcard. Thanks! =)
When I checked the Control Panel, under Sounds and Media Devices, it said “No Audio Device” but the speakers are connected to the CPU and there is power. I also can’t play videos too.

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2 Responses to “Why does my pc prompt me to install the driver for a multimedia contoller?”

  1. tonyjack63 said :

    you have to install sound drivers for either your sound card or an onboard sound chip. It has nothing to do with either the video card or your speakers.

  2. SOSTY said :

    This is a sound card problem.Go to control panel then system,sound device,search for the device then update your sound drivers.If this doesn;t work you should by a new sound card


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