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Best way to transfer files from an old win2k pc to a vista pc without running a newtwork?

I have an old win 2k computer with about 3gb of files that I would like to transfer to my new vista pc.

The windows 2k pc hasnt been connected to the internet for a few years so it is missing the latest service pack and probably 100 windows updates. It also has viruses. Also does not have a cd burner.

How can I transfer those files to my vista computer without having to connect the computer to my network or connecting it to the internet? Also without allowing any files but the ones I select to be transfered to my computer.

I do not want to take the time to install the windows updates nor do I want to clean up the comp because after I transfer the files Im never going to use the computer again.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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5 Responses to “Best way to transfer files from an old win2k pc to a vista pc without running a newtwork?”

  1. pboltonchina said :

    Get a USB external hard drive/ memory stick, copy your files to that, then plug into your new pc and copy them to your new pc.

  2. Adnan Sallam said :

    Take the hard drive out of the old computer set the jumper as slave hook it the the new computer then copy what you want from it to the new computer.

  3. Fed-up said :

    Use the Windows Easy Transfer program on your Vista computer. Specify what you want to transfer.
    Connect the computers with a crossover cable.

  4. SNM said :

    You could disconnect your network from the internet so then you don’t have to worry about the windows updates. That way you can still use your network and transfer your files to your Vista computer.

    Or if you want to avoid using your network completely, you could buy a crossover cable and connect both of the pc’s together through the ethernet port and you could transfer files that way instead.

    Another option is to buy an external CD-burner or DVD-burner…but using it a couple times to burn a few data CD’s isn’t worth it. All in all I recommend doing the first option because it is the easiest and cheapest way to transfer 3 GB’s of data. Make sure you have Virus protection on your Vista computer so you don’t have to worry about viruses creeping into your new Vista PC. Hope this helps and happy data transferring! =)

  5. Karyyk said :

    Probably the best thing to do is get some kind of external storage. If it’s just a few files, a 1GB flash drive for about $20 will do the trick. Plug it in, Win2K will detect it as a removable storage device, copy the files you want to it, then take it to the new PC. If you have a lot of files, then you may want to invest in a larger capacity external USB hard drive. For about $70 you can get 160-200GB of removable storage, which you can then use later with your new PC as well (perfect for media in particular…music, pictures, video, etc.). Just use it as you would the thumb drive. Just make sure that whatever you do, you don’t copy over infected files. As soon as you plug in the external drive to your new PC, do a thorough scan of the external drive, just to make sure. Hope this helps.


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