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Can all Android phones use all Android apps?

I am getting a mytouch (i think its Android) aand im just doing my reasearch

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3 Responses to “Can all Android phones use all Android apps?”

  1. iBelong2Jesus! said :

    Well if you cant, the app in the download center will say this is not this will not work with this verison blah blah blah. But I’ve only had that happen once.

    And can you help me 🙂;_ylt=AhWJt_X20P9YSiyARdtCzV0azKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100922185048AArnv0g

  2. Umair said :

    yes and no
    all depends on the size and function of the app
    for example all apps work on nexus one which runs 2.2 froyo
    but my touch slide runs 2.1 and 2.2 apps wont work on there
    G1 runs 1.6 so it can only use apps compatible for up to 1.6
    good example is google earth….its a huge apps and low end phones like G1 or backflip cant use it since it will not fit…..but i have it on my nexus one and i can even move it to sd card to save space (feature available in android 2.2)
    also 2.2 apps simple just wont show on phones running lower android version.

  3. Nathan said :

    No- there are some apps designed to only work on 2.x and above


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