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are free apps on android market really free?

I just bouth the lg ally, a smart phone, and have the 29.99 smartphone fee (I pay for internate), can I download free apps from the android market with out getting charged, remember I pay 29.99 for internate, is that unlimited internate

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6 Responses to “are free apps on android market really free?”

  1. Andres said :

    yes, apps are free unless they have a price on them.

  2. Aardalan A said :

    if the app is that means you dont pay for the app but your using data so you will be charged if you dont have data package which you do so no.

  3. NoraCat said :

    Yes, they really are free.

    You only pay for the app if it says you have to pay for it in the Market.

    (But when you do pay, it’s not charged to your Verizon account, you have to give a credit card and it goes on that).

  4. Shashi Kumar Aansoo said :

    if the Tag showing free then its Free So Simple

  5. cs64736943 said :

    “Free” means free. There is no charge for them at all apart from data charges which are covered by your “internate” plan.

  6. Paputi said :

    Yes, is the apps are marked as free, they will be free. If it not you will have to pay the price that have that app. Note that they are free and pay apps in the Android Market. About the $29.99 charge fee is for the internet only and i believed that it’s unlimited.


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