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Does the android market have good apps?

Does the android market have good apps or games? What are they?

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4 Responses to “Does the android market have good apps?”

  1. jake m said :

    my fav apps are chandroid, Skype, papertoss, ebuddy, and opera mini. good apps and games!

  2. upperhand said :

    Angry Bird!! Also be sure to check out some other marketplaces, or app stores. You may find some interesting apps there. is a good place to start too.

  3. Stephen A said :

    Yes, to find the most popular apps you can visit or download appbrain onto your phone. My favorite app/games currently are: Vignette, LauncherPro, Angry Birds, Abduction 2, Reckless Racing, Evac HD, Homerun battle 3D, and Nova to name a few.

  4. S.e.x.y B.l.a.c.k M.a.n  said :

    Hope so, I just got the droid x ;]


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