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Know of any good android apps?

Any good free android apps from the android market? I just got the moto flipout a little while ago and was looking for some good apps(:

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5 Responses to “Know of any good android apps?”

  1. I'm a Simpson said :

    No and smart people avoid it, Go HTC EVO 4G… lever the 2nd grade stuff behind.

  2. Pooja Sakthivel said :

    ooh…the flip out?? i call that my phones cousin cuz i have the backflip…LOL =)
    Anyways, I like zedge, it is a wallpaper and ringtone app (FOR FREE) :]
    also, papi jump 🙂 it has more levels now. Regular, fall, and i havent unlocked the 3rd one so i dont know what it is yet

  3. whateva.dood said :

    NFS Shift. Angry Birds.

    All kinds of widgets.

  4. tablamaster said :

    10. Layar

    [Top 10 Android Apps] In some ways, this is a vote for the potential of Layar as much as the practical application. Walking around with your phone and seeing Wikipedia subjects, apartments for sale, and what Twitter users have raved about through your phone is a pretty neat thing, and potentially helpful when you’re looking for things to do in a new city. But as Layar continues to add new layers, and as camera and mobile processing power continue to improve, Layar could become a lot more interesting than it already is. One thing worth mentioning is that if you don’t like the 3-D camera view, or like the looks of yourself while using it, Layar can just show you points of interest on a Google-type map. Either way you use it, it’s an intriguing look at what’s happening just around the corner. (Original post)
    9. Listen

    [Top 10 Android Apps] Until the latest upgrade, we couldn’t have really called Listen a king among podcast apps—it had a few irksome bugs, one of them being the loss of episodes and, sometimes, subscriptions. Now, however, Google’s own app does a great job not only of finding audio content, but it exports your subscriptions to be managed in Google Reader, ensuring a full feed backup and easier retrieval of past episodes you want to head back and hear. If you need more fine-grained podcast control, try ACast, but Listen will work for most. (Original post)
    8. AnyCut

    [Top 10 Android Apps] You can drop a lot of neat things on your Android home screen, but you can’t quite get one-click access to everything in your phone’s settings and extras. AnyCut doesn’t have a great interface, and it might take some trial and error before you get to exactly what you’re looking for. Soon enough, though, you’ll have access to the deepest guts of your settings, so switching 3G on and off, enabling location services, and other tricks are easy to pull off. (Original post)
    7. Secrets

    [Top 10 Android Apps] There’s no browser syncing on the Android—yet (c’mon, Mozilla, get on that Firefox Mobile!). In the meantime, there’s Secrets, a secure, KeePass-compatible, master-password-locked vault for all your passwords. It’s not that hard to export your passwords from your desktop or laptop onto your SD card, and with full-text search finally implemented, Secrets is a lot more convenient for those oh-shoot-what’s-that-username-again moments. (Original post)
    6. TasKiller Free

    [Top 10 Android Apps] The downside to Android’s multi-tasking is that sometimes, some apps can become unexpectedly become memory or bandwidth hogs, or bring your phone down with them when they crash. Few apps provide a direct, easy “Quit” option, though, and sometimes you can’t get to the app to close it. Enter TasKiller, a free app-killing utility that works from its standard icon, or as one of a number of widgets you can add to your home screen for one-click system rescuing. The free version serves up ads and lacks a few advanced features, but generally serves the needs of anyone who’s sick of needing to actually reset their phone just to clear up space for, you know, phone calls and such. Note: This app should be used as more of a last resort than regular maintenance tool—killing processes and apps willy-nilly can turn off alarms, kill background syncing, and have other unintended consequences.

  5. Troy said :

    If you are on a PC check out for the hottest apps in the past 24hours or if you want to see the hottest for the last 7 days or for the most popular of all time.

    There is also a application for AppBrain on the Android Market that has these features mention above, just search AppBrain on the Android Market & download the application.

    Another good App for App recommendations is AppAware, This gives you stats based on users who use AppAware so its not as diverse as AppBrain but it does have more information like number of installs & removals, to get this App search AppAware on the market.


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