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How can i find out if my pc is already wireless enabled?

I have an HP Windows Vista Home Premiem model I just bought a PS3 and i wanna use it on the net but i need it to be wireless. Im going to get a new wireless broadband from my internet provider but will i need to buy the USB connection thing to make it work or is there wireless already installed into my pc?

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5 Responses to “How can i find out if my pc is already wireless enabled?”

  1. fiddler said :

    Right click on your connection icon next to the time and.Open
    Network Connections.

  2. michael s said :

    Goto control panel> network and sharing centre>manage network connections.

    Here is a list of your available network devices.
    I’d imagine you probaly only have the one, a wired connector, since it’s pretty standard on most motherboards nowadays.

    So you’ll probably need to get a wireless adapter for your pc, unless you’re lucky and there’s already an icon there for wireless.

    Remember when you get your wireless broadband, to make sure that it’s secure, so your neighbours can’t piggyback on your connection or slow it down.

    Good luck,

  3. Colinc said :

    Most laptops already are. There should be a wireless light on the machine. NO desktops are as standard.

  4. kalyan said :

    You can check in MyComputer->ControlPanel->Network Connections.Check for the Local Area Connection. You can find there a wireless LAN , if you have it in your system.If it is in disabled mode , roght click on it and select enable.
    If it doesnt exist and you want to go wireless, you need to get a wireless router and place in between you Internet connection and your computer.Plug in the end of the interent cable to the wireless router and take a ethernet cable and plug it in the Ethernet port of the router and plug the other end of the ethernet cable to the LAN port of your computer.
    Then check if it is working , else you need to configure the modem accordingly.

  5. Tony d:-) said :

    I assume you have the HP Pavilion Slimline, which is a desktop computer. It is not wireless. You can get the specs by going to HP and look up your model or simply do a search with Google.


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