How can I make my own maps with a GPS ?

Global Positioning System device is very handy when it comes to navigation. However, most of the built in maps in GPS navigational device lacks enough details and coverage. If there are specific places or roads that the maps in you GPS device do not have, you do not have to worry. You can create your own maps for your GPS device by following s few simple steps.

To make your own map for your GPS device, you will need a personal computer, internet access and of course, your GPS navigational device. Then, download the software called GPS track maker, this software is completely free. Next, open the map image to launch the track maker program. Go to the tools menu and you will see the select map image icon, click it. You will now be given a list of locations along with the corresponding maps and click the map you want to edit.

Start your calibrating your map by clicking the map adjust tool icon and move the cursor to intersect the crosshairs at the latitude and longitude margin labels. Then, insert the coordinates of your location. Now, save it in the track maker format. Now, import your map data in the World Web’s digital chart and choose a country. In the window, you will see a download data icon, click it and choose layers like drainage and roads and press continue and wait until the file is completed

Import the file to the track maker program and click the merge file icon. Transfer your map to your GPS receiver and download waypoints and tracks through GPS interface tool located in your GPS unit. Remember to try to navigate the programs first before you create your own map. You might see some icons and symbols that you can use in locating and describing a certain place.

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