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How do i make a copy of my hardrive without turning my PC on?


I have an old PC. Spec: Windows ME, 1GHz AMD Processor with 512MB RAM.

My PC fails to load up now and i have fixed it on numerous occasions before (with different problems). Im considering purchasing a new PC but i dnt want to lose the data i have on my old hardrive.

Is there a way of copying the data from my old PC to my new PC without turning the old PC on (as it fails to go on at at!!)? Is there some cable or harware that i can use to do this?

Well, the CPU turn on but the monitor doesnt. I hear a few beeps and it is kinda ancient so i think its high time for a new PC.

How easy is it to ‘plug’ my old hardrive into my new CPU so i can do the file transfer?

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3 Responses to “How do i make a copy of my hardrive without turning my PC on?”

  1. conniebinkers said:

    What fails to load? Windows?

    Try unplugging any USB devices then turn the power on.

  2. stu_the_kilted_scot said:

    Buy a new PC, once it’s set up, open case of old PC, and remove the hard drive from it (3 1/2 ” wide, silver or black unit with flat cable from rear)
    insert this drive into a USB HARD DRIVE CADDY and connect to new PC

    Copy files of once it see’s it as a mass removeable drive.

    Once files copied (and you are sure you need no more) simply FORMAT the external drive to start it afresh, then use it for backups / extra storage.

  3. devlin said:

    Sounds like your graphics adapter died…

    The best way to accomplish your goal is to buy a “hard drive enclosure” (about 30.00 at Staples) this will turn the hard drive from an internal drive to a USB external drive. This should enable you to spin up the drive and either copy the old data off or use it as a second storage drive.


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