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How do I move my iTunes from a PC to a laptop?

My iTunes library is currently on the home PC at my mums house. I have just moved out and bought a laptop so want to put my iTunes on there. How do I do it? Will I lose all my songs?

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6 Responses to “How do I move my iTunes from a PC to a laptop?”

  1. Miss Terry said :

    burn them to cd or dvd as mp3 or data on pc then drag them off onto your laptop

  2. desertcities said :

    Install a new copy of iTunes onto your Laptop. Then on your PC, use the iTunes ‘Backup to CD’ under Files in iTunes.

    Then take the CD and insert it into your labtop and iTunes should recognize it and then import the backup files into your iTunes program.

    Good Luck!

  3. steelfixer said :

    Connect the laptop and PC together either on the home network or via a cable connection. Copy all songs to the laptop by either drag and drop or by using the files and settings transfer wizard. Install Itunes on laptop and import the songs to the library.

  4. kitt said :

    easy way buy a 500 gb . usb hard drive put that on the home pc move all your music onto that then re concert it to your new laptop by the usb port you can store 10000000000000000 of music files on a 500 gb .. usb hard drive

  5. karen z said :

    If the songs were bought from iTunes, you may lose them because the songs you buy are protected and can only be played on one computer. I do not think it is possible to move your library, but you can install iTunes on your laptop and then move the songs you want to keep onto your laptop. Any songs from your iTunes library bought from the iTunes store will be lost, but you can download them again from a free music provider such as or other such website.

  6. Martin S said :

    Connect an ethernet cable and share the drive where they are stored then you can grab them from the laptop. Remember to to the network wizard to set them both up to see each other first.


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