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How do I remove someone who used my pc fro yahoo mail off my pc?

A friend used my pc to access her mail and now every time she gets mail it shows that I personally have mail when I don’t. She also has a yahoo address. I find this so frustrating. How can I remove her from my pc without closing her off yahoo altogether?
Thank you Imperial Dragon. I will give it my best shot. I think its stored on my pc – she hasn’t used the pc for almost a year — and shes logged out too.

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One Response to “How do I remove someone who used my pc fro yahoo mail off my pc?”

  1. Imperial Dragoon said :

    The only reason you would be seeing her mail is if she was still logged in to Yahoo. Make sure that she is completely logged out of the website and out of any yahoo programs like Yahoo Instant Messenger.
    Since I don’t like the yahoo programs all that much I don’t install them but if you have some you can ditch them and she can still check her mail by going to the website. Just make sure that she logs out when she’s done.
    If you think she is somehow stored on the computer itself then use the tools tab at the top of Internet Explorer to open Internet Options and delete all of the temporary internet files and browsing history. She will still be able to check her mail by signing into the Yahoo website.


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