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Android apps, someone told me there was a one time $25 dollar fee for unlimited. Is this true?

My neighbor and her kid have android phones. They said they paid a one time $25 fee and now they can download any app for free. Is this true or are they just confused?

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2 Responses to “Android apps, someone told me there was a one time $25 dollar fee for unlimited. Is this true?”

  1. Ben said :

    I think this is being confused with the developer fee.

    Android app developers are charged a one-time $25 fee to enter the android marketplace. This allows the developer to create and sell an unlimited number of apps in the marketplace with no additional fee (as opposed to the Windows Mobile or Palm developer programs which have developer pricing based on the number of apps).

    Google doesn’t really care about the money. The fee is put there simply to prevent people from making a bunch of crappy or spammy apps. The hope is that if you are investing $25 of your own money, you will actually take the time and effort to build an app that is useful and potentially revenue generating.

  2. Adam D said :

    Sorry, it is false.

    Since February 17, 2009, there have been paid apps available from the Android market.
    Using Android Market to browse and view applications is free.
    As of July 5th, 2010, 57 percent of apps found in the Android Market are available for free, according to analytics company Distimo.

    However, you have to pay for paid apps on an app by app basis.
    Fortunately, you don’t have to pay anything if you are satisfied with the free apps (There are more than 40,000).


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